1. How do I become a Diobarach?

There is a processs that we follow within the guild for Diobarach creation. We intend to keep their numbers small and have created this process to make sure that those that play them are dedicated. If you wish to play among us as a diobarach, you are encouraged to create a character and join as Etiam (common folk). Candidates to become Diobarach will be chosen from among their number.

2. Does my magic user have to be part of the Elegy group, or can they be a Diobarach, or an Etiem?

This depends on how you wish to RP your character. No matter what class you are playing, you can decide which group you would like to have your character in, though should you choose to be a part of the Diobarach group, the process will be followed.

3. What exactly is a Diobarach? An Etiem? The Elegy?

The Diobarach are the mutated soldiers/beast hunters created by the Elegy as living weapons to be used against the monsters of the world. The Elegy is the Organization of magic users that have a variety of purposes, though much of what they do centers around the black spirits and the diobarach. The Etiem are the regular people (common folk) who are a vast assortment of characters, spanning from those have come alongside the Elegy and Diobarach to provide support in many different ways, from armour repair, eyes and ears, relic hunting, cooking, protection, and a million other ways a character can lend their support. However, this can also include any other role, such as villains and pirates, bards, villagers, and anyone else you may wish to be. Etiem are not necessarily involved within the Guild's story plot.

4. What are the Circles in the Elegy?

Each Circle in the Elegy represents a different faction of Magi, each Circle has its own focus and purpose, and while the Circles each operate independently, they are all overseen by the Luminary, and each Circle reports their activities to the Keeper, who then reports to the Luminary. (The colors chosen for each Circle have no significance at this time)

See: http://penumbral.enjin.com/forum/m/36037266/viewthread/26150938-wip-elegy-organizational-structure-ic

5. Where do Valkyrie fit in, since they are both combat and magic users? What about Tamers?

They can fit in wherever you would like them to. Your choice of how you wish to RP your character will give you the option of where you want them to fit. Whether they are Diobarach, Elegy, or Etiem, they can have a place.

6. Who is the Luminary? Do we have to bow and kneel to him/her?

The Luminary is the Public figurehead, the overseer, and the mediator of the Elegy. She (and her Keeper) oversee the activities of the Circles, provide direction when needed, and mediate any clashes between Circles. She is a highly respected person and while bowing and kneeling is not necessary, feel free to do so if your character would do so. ;)

7. I like to have a variety of characters, but not all of them will fit as a diobarach or an elegy, but since the guild mechanics only let us be in one guild, how will my other characters fit in your guild?

This is the exact reason we created the Etiem, because many of us already in AV like to have a variety of characters and roles to play out. We created the Etiem so that no matter what sort of character you have, they will have a place among the guild and a place within the Guild RP.

8. Do I have to Roleplay? I don't mind doing it sometimes, but I prefer participating in other aspects of the game instead.

While AV is a heavy-RP guild, we also like to take part in the game in its fullness, from crafting to PvP, questing, and group content. RP is our main focus, and you are encouraged to participate, but it is not mandatory.

9. I have never really role-played before and I would like to try it, but I am nervous about being laughed at. Do you teach people how to RP?

Our guild members are very accepting of those that are new to RP and most certainly are willing to help those who are new to RP learn the basics and understand the unwritten rules, so long as you are willing to learn and listen to the advice of others.

10. How do you blend witcher lore and BDO lore together?

We use BDO lore and have taken the elements from the Witcher that fit within it. We have created the Diobarach as our 'Witchers', and the Elegy operates much the same as the Sorceresses in The Witcher do. We have added a few of our own elements to it that fit within lore.

11. How much Witcher lore do I need to know to participate in the Guild?

We have a forum thread with some information on the Witcher for those who are not familiar with it, and what is there will be plentiful to help you understand the concepts behind our Guild. Since we have created our own blend, you really don't need to know anything, though having an idea could be beneficial, particularily if planning to create a Diobarach.

See: http://penumbral.enjin.com/forum/m/36037266/viewthread/25698806-witcher-lore-information