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A mysterious illness has befallen the mighty Diobarach, once thought impervious to the afflictions of mortal man. Is it a disease, residual or latient effects of the ritual, rejection of mutation, or simply the life and death cycle of an engineered species?

None can tell!

The race begins to find it's cause and possibly

it's cure...

Story Leaders: Meave & Banning

Scheduled Progession Nights ~ TBD

Event Duration ~ Estimated 3 weeks

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OPEN role-playPlease do not progress ahead of the storyleaders. There will be opportunity for subplots.

Guild Slaughter House is open

Join your fellow guildmates in an open PVP free-for-all event. Bring your best gear and enjoy your time, have fun. This event will be Saturday at 6pm EST. And yes you will die, I will die, everyone will die...

Contest: Name our Galleon

TwoWolves atag posted Jan 26, 17  -  contest

Fancy yourself an explorer of the high seas? Do you have a dream to captain a pirate ship, trade ship, or hunt sea monsters? This may be the contest for you!

Submit your name ideas for our first Guild Galleon!

See the Contest: Name our Galleon entry thread for full list of details, requirements, and prizes!